The Big Pyrenees Adventure

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The Recce

The third of our "Big Adventure" series - 11th to 21st May 2023 



We're on another reconnaissance run. This time from the UK to the Pyrenees and back. Join us for an adventure and help us create the third in our "Big Adventure" series. 

The Pyrenees mountain range separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe, stretching more than 430km between Spain and France and rising higher than 3,400m in elevation. It is famous for its twisty mountain roads and flowing trails. 

Meet us in Portsmouth on the 11th May 2023 for a 2-night crossing to Bilbao, then take a pleasant route across Spain before hitting the mountains. From here the scenery and trails are breathtaking. Ride the old Smugglers Path. Visit the tiny, independent principality of Andorra, and enjoy the wonderful tapas and trails as we work our way through mountain, forest, and coast. 

The entire trip will take 10-days from Portsmouth to Portsmouth. Leaving on the evening of the 11th May and arriving home on the 21st May. 

Suitable Bikes


Any trail or adventure bike that can travel at 60mph and has a fuel range of 125+ miles would be suitable. 


We recommend knobbly tyres such as Mitas E09s, Anakee Wilds, TKC 80s or Motoz Tractionators.


Accommodation will be varied, comfortable, and sometimes even picturesque! You will be sharing a room with at least one other. Our aim is to provide twin rooms, but there may be occasions where we have to increase that, depending on the availability. Room sharing always sounds unappealing, but I have made some amazing friends this way in the past. Be open to the idea. 

The route is open to change! Be ready for anything it's a recce!

So what do you mean by 'recce'?

'Recce' is short for recconaissance. In brief, it means we are going to scout the area and grab data and photographs for future tours. This does not mean that we have no clue of what is coming. At least one of our team will have ridden 90% of it and stayed in some of the hotels. The rest is done on research as well as having a lot of experience in running tours in other locations. Our aim is to see if it can work for us commercially in the future. This is not an all-singing all-dancing, fully-fledged tour. This way, in my experience, it's far more of an adventure, but it may not be for everyone. 

You will need to be up for working as a team and rolling with the punches. Some of our days may work out longer than we had planned. Some of our hotels may not work out perfectly. Then again, it could all just be super smooth - but let's hope not because is that real adventure? I often find that the adventure really begins when the unexpected happens. It's in the creases and folds of the map!

Am I a good enough rider?

You will need some off-road experience for this trip, but you don't need to be a Dakar rider either. The trails should be easy to moderate, with some small technical sections. We have a great team who will support you through any sections you might find you are unsure of. There could be long days in the saddle so you need to be generally fit.


If you are unsure, please call Steph before booking on 07378 352731.

What will I need to bring?

We will send a full kit list before the event, but you will need your own dual-sport bike (which must be registered to you), your own kit (including bladder and off-road boots), and a suitable puncture repair kit. 

What's included

  • Ferry crossing with shared cabin

  • Accommodation - B&B

What's not included

  • Food (other than breakfast)

  • drinks

  • Bike

  • fuel and insurance 

  • Kit - you must provide your own kit suitable for both road and trail. 


   •   Join us on the road trip - £1850

A deposit of £500 is required. Outstanding balance due no later than 8 weeks before the event. 



11th to the 21st May 2023